New product
              Butterfly fitting
              Plum blossom fitting
              Sends ties
              Clothing boutonniere
              Child hair clip
              Child Back decoration
              Headdress flower
              Garden Decoration

    Long You Zhifa Craft Ornament Co., Ltd. is a specialized production each kind of new style dragon cloth and silk craft accessories enterprise, the main product has the butterfly fitting,sends ties, the clothing boutonniere, the child hair clip, the child carries the decoration, the headdress flower, the garden plug-in unit, the Christmas hangs and so on. Our product sells in distant markets country and so on the Europe and America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, deeply customer affection and faith. The company also may design each kind of design according to the customer request product and so on dragon cloth and silk series accessories. The month productivity reaches 30-50 ten thousand.

    Long You Zhifa Craft Ornament Co., Ltd. to pass through arduously starts an undertaking the processIntroduces the advanced equipment,After the self-perfection, expands unceasingly, has formed the
technical content to be high gradually, the multiplication, the multi-purpose necessary management system, is face the 21st century comprehensive service leading enterprise.

    We deeply believed that, In order to be remarkable, must surmount. In market competition intense today, only then the unceasing innovation and surmounting, is a power which the enterprise develops. "with the
first-class talented person, produces the first-class product, makes the first-class service, creates the first-class benefit, manages first-class enterprise" is my objective. We pledged take "the excellent quality, the inexpensive price, punctual producing goods" provides the best service as the customer.

    Welcome the general new old customers presence instruction, the discussion cooperation, hand in hand altogether will create happy tomorrow!
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